What are Tests?

At the beginning of this telling The Stranger challenged the Citizens of Egypt to face 7 challenges in each Discipline. By completing these challenges each Citizen can grow. For the 11th Telling, 3 tests were selected by popular vote for each House.
By completing these challenges you can advance to the rank of Oracle, and together with your fellow players, build Monuments that will influence future Tellings.

Discipline of Architecture

Architecture involves the construction of expensive buildings. More than any other discipline, the Tests of Architecture demand vast resources and large construction projects.

Test of the Library of Alexandria

Build a Library and convince others to fill it with their knowledge. Those libraries that amass the most books shall be collectively known as the Libraries of Alexandria.

Test of the Funerary Temple

Build a most glorious temple, in dazzling colors, to welcome spirits of those past back to earth.

Test of the Obelisk

Compete with your fellow Egyptians to build and hold the largest obelisk of each of seven types.

Test of The People's Pyramid

The labor of many may be required to build a pyramid, but only one may consecrate construction.

Test of the Covered Cartouche

A leader can build alliances. Work with and against others in a series of building and voting rounds. Remain in the contest longer than others to advance.

Test of the Megalopolis

With the help of forty-eight associates, build a Megalopolis. All forty-nine of you will pass the test.

Test of Hor-em-akhet

Master the art of relief sculpting and band together as a group of 14 players to carve out a statue of Hor-em-akhet

Discipline of Art and Music

Art and Music is the discipline of the creative. Disciples create works of beauty and compete to win the approval of others.

Test of Flight

Discover the secret of flight! Build a Raeli Gliderport and launch a fleet of up to five Gliders. By making adjustments to your Glider design, loops, rolls, and other aerobatics are possible.

Test of Pyrotechnics

You must make the most dazzling fireworks shell you can, and enter it into a competition. Winning a competition gets you closer to your goal. The more people you beat, the faster you progress.

Test of the Formal Garden

Design a Formal Garden with 7 to 100 exotic flowers surrounding a Gazebo. Gardens are rated on variety and detail, not size. Periodically, the Gardener with the highest rated garden passes the Test.

Test of the Prismatic Opticon

Design a Prismatic Opticon, a moving statue of light. Once enough judges have rated your Opticon, it's eligible for Competition. Each week, the designer of the highest rated Opticon passes the Test.

Test of the Raeli Mosaic

Fracture brittle Raeli Tiles into unusual shapes, and fit them together to form a handsome Raeli Mosaic. Your fellow Egyptians will judge you on both color and composition.

Test of the Windsong

Blend the sound of the wind, and the hand of man to create beautiful music from carefully crafted Wind chimes, arranged on a Chime Tower. The musicians who create the most beautiful arrangements will be promoted.

Test of the Bijou

Build a Scholar's Gem Cutting Table. Included in the costs is a piece of Hornet's Wing Granite, a stone with a most unusual property: Each slab is of a repeating crystalline structure, meaning that a single slab produces many copies of the same raw gem-like piece. Challenge others to duplicate your design.

Discipline of Body

It emphasizes travel and exploration. More than any other discipline, the Tests of Body demand time and work toward physical excellence.

Test Of The Singing Cicada

Scores are available

Find cicada cages placed around Egypt by other players, then place your own for a stream of points. The highest scoring players each day advance, advance 7 times to pass.

Test Of Isis' Bounty

Search Egypt's waters for the remains of a fabled treasure ship "Isis' Bounty" and plunder the wrecks to learn new ship building methods.

Test Of The Acrobat

Train by seeking out masters in 28 moves. You will master four moves immediately, and may teach others.

Test Of The Bedouin

To enhance your abilities, train by seeking out distant altars. The fastest explorers will be able to find the most remote altars. Be among the best explorers on seven separate days, and you will pass the Test.

Test of the Ritual Tattoo

Formulate pigments of rare herbs, resins and crushed gems, combined at a proper location. When presented at the University of the Human Body, a permanent tattoo can be applied.

Test of the Oyster Catcher

Search for rare oysters, and harvest them by unlocking their puzzle and gathering their meat and Pearls. Fit the Pearls to a beautiful Necklace to pass the test.

Path of the Pilgrim

Work in a group of 7 people to visit pilgrim shrines built by others in Egypt.

Discipline of Natural Philosophy

Natural Philosophy is the discipline of the natural world.

Test of Life

Build a sprawling system of Aqueducts to bring life-giving water to the arid desert. Those that build the most useful aqueduct towers advance in Natural Philosophy

Test of Khefre's Children

You must breed the most strange and beautiful scarab beetle that you can. After encountering some beetles in the wild, you can capture them and raise them in a terrarium. You must exhibit your beetle at a Scarab garden, and be judged.

Test of Darkest Night

To bolster your constitution, you must develop poison resistance. The University of Natural Philosophy will tell you what exotic poisons you must seek out, and in what order, to toughen your body.

Test of the Archaeologist

Travel Egypt's sands to discover relics from the mysterious past. Perfect your collection by trading to pass the Test of the Archaeologist.

Test of the Safari

Use your mind and body to capture seven species of Egyptian wildlife. You must capture and release four of each creature.

Test of the Giving Fisherman

Assemble colorful gifts of fresh fish and fruit and present them to your fellow Egyptians. Receive points for giving an enjoyable gift. Lose points for giving bad gifts.

Test of the Plantation

Plant and tend Plantations in remote sites. Gather a group of tenders that are diverse to increase the quality of your Plantation. The most well tended plantations will be promoted. Three promotions are required to pass.

Discipline of Thought

Thought is the discipline of design. Disciples challenge their fellows with problems of skill and chance.

Test of Octec's Ghost

The Statue of Octec's Ghost is a machine which can be activated by installing 20 devices called the Crystal Hieroglyphs. You can obtain some from the Universities and Schools of Thought, you must trade for the rest

Balance of Goods

Build an Offering Vault and fill it with rare goods each week. Points are awarded based on how few other people offered the particular item. Goods offered are for the gods, and are not recoverable by mortals.

Test of Alchemists Rune

Design a tablet of interlocking Alchemists Rune, some of which can be locked in place. Those that attempt your challenge will see the glyphs in random orientations and positions. They must reposition them to again interlock.

Test of the Pathmaker

Design a miniature landscape with Aqueduct towers. Challenge others to link the towers in a loop with pipes. Different tower types have different linking rules.

Test of the Tomb of the Immortal

You learn to construct Tombs of the Immortal, puzzles designed to thwart future generation grave robbers from plundering our treasures and secrets. By honing our skills, by challenging each other to solve and fortify these puzzles, our legacy may live.

Test of Set's Ladder

Rig a Set's Ladder on a existing pyramid.

Test of Khonsu's Light

Compete for the favour of Khonsu by burning herbs at night on a Ceremonial Bonfire. Every month the top three players will advance. Advance to 100% to pass the test.

Discipline of Worship

Worship involves demonstrating reverence and fidelity to the gods. In Egypt, religion is a communal activity, and the Tests of Worship emphasize and reward group teamwork. Worship is also associated with agriculture.

Test of Marriage

Marriage in Egypt is a private affair. Two people gather five close friends to witness. Points for a marriage are the number of weeks of that marriage times the number of Tests that your spouse passed during the marriage. Your marriage score is the sum of points for such marriages. Couples are aware of each other's accomplishments, may use each other's possessions, AND MAY EVEN LOG IN AS ONE ANOTHER. Divorce in Egypt is quick and easy.

Test of Festivals

Participate in large festivals for seven gods. Each person must participate in a different way. The more people who participate in the festival day, the more standing you gain with your god.

Test of the Vigil

Conduct a Vigil at a Sacrificial Bonfire. Visions will come to those around the bonfire, illuminating the required offerings. Scoring is based on the length of the Vigil, and your participation.

Test of Visions

Sensitize your mind to know Egypt's gods, by use of meditation and mind-altering brews. By discussing your visions with others, the true Face of God can be discerned.

Test of Ka

Secure your place in the afterlife by building a Ka Tomb and filling it with Ka Boxes honoring the gods. Remember that humility is a virtue: Those displaying conspicuous wealth will be looked down upon.