Start with picking grass and slate, build magnificent buildings and complex contraptions!

Crafting in A Tale in The Desert is a core part of the game, from structural materials to food and drink, all you need to grow and thrive is craftable!

Start with picking grass, let it dry in the Egyptian sun to turn into straw, use it on its own to feed Camels or mix with sand and mud to make bricks in a brick rack. Plane wood harvested from nearby trees to make boards, fabricate yourself a custom compound where you can build complex structures for making anything from glassware to pottery!


Dig ore from the ground by solving puzzles, the more elaborate the chain of solutions the more ore you recover per dig attempt. Smelt the ore in a furnace, get the timing right and boost the yield, leave it too long and watch as your ore turns into slag. Mix and match metals to make complex alloys, guide the reactory’s crystallisation process to maximise the yield.


Grow grapes in a vine yard, tend to your crop to alter its acidity, colour and flavour. Cross breed cuttings to make new types and strains. Learn cooperage to make wine barrels! Fill with wine to ferment to make the perfect vintage. Share your creations with other players to help pass the Test of the Banquet as well as many others!

Citrus Trees:

Let bees cross pollinate nearby trees to create fantastic new varieties of citrus fruit. Make flavoured honey and find fantastic uses to boost your stats with powerful citrus varieties through a diverse cooking system.

Beer Brewing

Try your hand at brewing beer, the national beverage of Egypt. Find the best combination of malt, wheat and honey, and the right microbes, to craft that special flavor and potency. Beer may also be brewed into ambrosia or distilled into spirits, to help appease the Egyptian gods.


Starting with a formless hunk of metal, shape it into a variety of useful items like hatchets and shovels based off of a template. As the quality of your items improves with practice, they will gain additional mechanical benefits and you may sell them for a profit.


Turn raw materials into glass objects such as jars, sheet glass, and ritual torches. Or try your hand at glassblowing, and craft high quality, sought after items like thermometers, hookah bowls, and wine glasses.