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First to discover the secrets of The Strangers, University of Progress, Somebob has unlocked The Test of the Safari!
In Safari Citizens are tasked with tagging Gazelles, collecting Ibis Feathers, Chasing down Otters who have a penchant for teasing!, discover the location of Falcons in trees, catching Bullfrogs just using the sound of their croaks, follow the trails of Desert rats and building Fennec cages to trap different sub-species. For every 4 you complete, boost your Strength attribute by 1! Will you be the first to pass The Test of the Safari?
Welcome to Tale 8!, Enjoy the #discovery of the familiar lands of Egypt. Pick a side, will you be part of the Meshwesh, Hyksos or Kush? What does The Stranger have planned? Find out more in game tonight at 6pm GMT
Ready for Tale 8? We are making rapid progress to the beta which will be announced very soon! In the mean time start to prepare as the new Tale 8 Wiki is live (via the Community drop down above). Join us on Discord as we discuss whats new and whats changing from Tale 7. Our theme of Tale 8 is Discovery. Join us and tell us about your discoveries!