Join us in Tale 11

As we venture into our eleventh tale, join us in the desert for a 18-month adventure of crafting, trading and becoming a part of our community. Create your character and begin your journey travelling to Egypt for fame and fortune, join one of three houses and learn skills to create and craft.

About the Game

A Tale in the Desert is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMO) set in ancient Egypt.
The game focuses on crafting and trading, with a mixed of social and political challenges, and has absolutely no combat.
Within the game is one of the most complex crafting and trade skill systems that has ever been created. This is coupled with tests in various disciplines that challenge players to work together or against each other. Be creative in the arts, build massive structures, create complex puzzles to challenge other players.
Every week be voted against your peers to come out as champion.