Latest News

It's been a fantastic 18 months and the great news is that Tale 9 will soon be upon us. For the first time, the end of a Tale and the start of the next will be on the same day! Tale 8 Amnesty will take place on the 24th and 25th of August, with an AMA with the developers across both days in game and on discord. We can't wait to share with you some great secrets from the Tale that have been missed! See you then
Excited about Tale 9? We are! As with each tale, your character and items do not carry across. Reserve your character name now and pre-order your full telling with exclusive Alpha access. We can't wait to see in game!

Week 11 Review

It's been a busy time in game! This week we revamped the way Tribute Posts work providing a better incentive to donating early.
We've introduced Ploughing, improving drastically the ease of growing vegetables.
The Princess of the Hyksos has been sponsoring multiple competitions including ultra rare cucumber seeds. Not to be out done, The Stranger has been active with his own contests.
More tests were unlocked including the Test of the Messenger and the Test of the Bureaucrat