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Week 3 Review

Catch up with Fixxxer for week 3 recap on events. Check it out!

Week 2 Review

Fixxxer continues his week in review series and covers all the developments with the Meshwesh, Hyksos and Kush factions, along with all the new test unlocks and assorted goings on in the community. Check it out on YouTube
First to discover the secrets of The Strangers, University of Progress, Somebob has unlocked The Test of the Safari!
In Safari Citizens are tasked with tagging Gazelles, collecting Ibis Feathers, Chasing down Otters who have a penchant for teasing!, discover the location of Falcons in trees, catching Bullfrogs just using the sound of their croaks, follow the trails of Desert rats and building Fennec cages to trap different sub-species. For every 4 you complete, boost your Strength attribute by 1! Will you be the first to pass The Test of the Safari?